Monday, January 25, 2010

Brotherly Love

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in."
-Morrie Schwartz

To our brothers....

As our minds ponder and wonder and wander, our thoughts return to you. We recognize we often express our gratitude to our Sisters and The Sisterhood (it is, after all, our own song), yet it is the other half of the circle we wish to celebrate now.

As we each seek to summon the warrior within ourselves, we reflect on those who brighten and shape our world. It is with a Roar of gratitude we celebrate YOU - our Brothers. We recognize we are surrounded by some of the most powerful men. You are masterful healers, teachers, leaders. You are doers, creators, and dreamers. You are us and we are you, and for, this we are so incredibly grateful. It is you - Brothers, Fathers, Friends, and Lovers - who bring so much light into our lives. You are steadfast and committed to yourselves and your own visions in making this world a better place to live. Your ideas, guidance, and wisdom in the realms of business and life offer just the right insight we sometimes need. We honor those of you who have been there from the beginning and are entirely blown away by the ones we have met along the way. In moments of doubt, you have reminded us to trust our own Warrior Within. We thank you for these reminders, both gentle and stern.

As we journey through this life, may we continue to challenge one another. We smile when we think of the many late nights we've shared at Le Factory - planning and preparing for the next Warrior Within presentation, fashion show, festival, or photo shoot. We thank you for your insight and muscle, for your compassion and understanding, and, of course, for your sense of humor as we participate in the delightful madness that comes with the creative process. You are a necessary part of the Onesie Love movement and we of course, acknowledge that it is You who have helped us prove that Girls In Onesies do, in fact, Have More Fun!

This is for YOU ~ the Samurai Warriors, the Kings of our World, the Creative Masters and the Music Makers, to the Soldiers of Happiness and Earth Mother, and to the Men who have helped us understand that which is unconditional. You have offered us a safe place to grow and explore and for this we are forever changed. Thank you for these gifts. You are true Warriors of the Heart.

Roar Boys!

-Warrior Within Designs

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, Afloat on a Boat: Reflections and Beyond

Happy New Year everyone! Celebrations moved like waves from east to west on Friday night as midnight joyously struck across the globe, welcoming in 2010. Warrior Within Designs felt the rock of our very own boat that moment. Aboard the Empress Yacht that eve, we and a party of 150-strong anchored an explosive five-hour long dance party on the San Francisco Bay. It was the perfect New Year celebration on the perfect party vessel. Amidst the triumphant cheers of our crew mates and friends, the countdown to 2010 began... and our most extraordinary reflections of this year passed came to surface.

2009 was a tremendous year of growth for Warrior Within Designs. Upon putting this entry together, we first brainstormed a list of memories to include. We were surprised by the length of this list because we realized, after seeing it all on paper, just how far we've come and just how much we've built from very little. What began as a genuine dream to start a clothing line years ago, led to more and more conversations on how to make that dream into a reality. After realizing that it was our destiny to carve our own path into the world of fashion, what followed shortly thereafter was the development of a solid business plan, carefully planned trips to LA's garment district, dozens of meetings, conference calls galore, the development of new and improved Onesie designs, three fashion shows, two trunk shows, several worldwide scientific Onesie experiments, Symbiosis, Burning Man, the start of a global Onesie Revolution, and alliances with a spectacular marketing team, mucisians, and community key players. Phew! And yes, we did manage to get our sleep in between, thankyouverymuch!

Above all, 2009 was a year of friendship and new chapters to explore. The creation of Warrior Within Designs became a turning point for those involved, offering a unique outlet for the next phase in our lives. Fashion creation, business, and friendship came hand-in-hand easily and from that point on, we created a whole new way of life for ourselves.

As we rewind into '09, we are reminded of those events that have impacted us as a company, moments in time that have shaped Warrior Within Designs into who she is today. We look back and remember our first-ever trunk show in Steamboat Springs, CO. A week of little sleep, hard work, and an overload of nerves resulting in a triumphant near sell-out for us at the Body Boutique. It was that same week we took in Jenny Noelle Kolb, our beloved lead seamstress extraordinaire, backbone, and lifelong friend, to whose passion, craftmanship, and artistry we are eternally grateful for. We remember the amazing fashion shows that introduced our Onesie creations on the runway - starting with the CCSF fashion show to the Abraxas Fashion Show, and ending with the Pink Party Breast Cancer Fundraiser in San Diego. We are reminded of our Never-Ending Trunk show series here in our home city of San Francisco, an event that is still going strong today with daily Onesie fittings at Le Factory. And how could we ever forget our famous Onesie experiments, which are now taking place on a global level? It is no doubt that, based on scientific research and cross-cultural studies, "Girls in Onesies have more fun" (photos and testimonials overwhelmingly support this theory). We also recall our first-ever festival vending experience at Symbiosis. Partnering up with Light-Records Gems & Jewelry that week made for a beat-heavy, dance-filled booth experience. 2009 was also the year of Burning Man. The Onesie sensation was in full effect on the playa that week as sisters from around the world sported the look with golden dust-filled pride and a fierceness beyond comprehension.
We have learned many lessons under the mentorship of veteran James Christopher and Savage Henry, to whom we thank for giving us some crucial advice during the crunch times. Finally, we recognize the important alliances we've made this year. We were introduced to Blooming Footprint under the direction of Katie Fox and Amy Kliever, to whom the Warrior Within "look and feel" was born. We cannot express enough our gratitude to our friends, Katie and Amy, for their dedication and belief in our company.

We look forward to yet another fantastic year.
And many, many more....

These were the events that shaped Warrior Within Designs in 2009. Looking back on it, we are amazed at how much we've accomplished...all in less than a year. We have learned many lessons and have so many reasons to be proud but above all, thankful. We are beyond thrilled to make our entrance into the new year and the forecast sure looks bright. Happy New Year, friends and stay tuned as we Roaaaarrrr into this new decade!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Tis the Season for Sisters

Onesie upon a time, an idea for a clothing line was born. What emerged after casual conversation, elaborate brainstorming, and one solid business plan, ultimately became not just a product, but a way of life. Less than a year ago Warrior Within Designs announced herself to the world. Promising onesies, everlasting sisterhood, and a new understanding of fashion, culture, and freedom, she has made a lasting impact on those she has touched. Today, she now has voice.

Welcome to Warrior Within Designs' first blog entry! We are so very excited to finally use this avenue to communicate with the world, and we thank you for being the first to read on. We want to achieve many things through this blog. First off, we hope it acts as a vehicle by which we express the true voice of Warrior Within Designs - everything from who we are, to our inspirations, our preoccupations, and everything in between. Secondly, we aim to provide YOU - our friends and supporters - a forum by which you feel comfortable contributing to. Your insights and comments are valuable to us so please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts on anything at all and of course, on what we can do to improve as a company. We are eager to give ourselves a voice for the first time and are antsy to hear yours, too...

Today marks a special day in the history of Warrior Within Designs. On this particular day, Christmas Eve, we reflect on what is important to us. With our busy schedules, the daily hustle, and the difficulties of living and thriving in a city like San Francisco, we admit it is tough to find time to sit down and appreciate what it is and WHO we are thankful for. Today, we have chosen to make ample time for this discussion and have decided to dedicate our first-ever blog to our beloved sisters, both of who will be leaving us soon.

Abby Fritz and Sarah Tabia are two of the most special people in this world. Both women have graced us with their extraordinary presence in San Francisco over these past few months and soon, will be going their own seperate ways into the world. Abby to Africa and Sarah to New York City! As their two older sisters, we are both thrilled and at the same time, terrified to see them off. We have learned so much about them and about ourselves while we've been together and we cannot express enough, just how proud we are of them. Sarah and Abby, you have both inspired us, helping us grow, and despite the complexities that come with the territory of sisterhood, we support and love you more than you'll ever know. May you both thrive in your new environments as you seek a deeper understanding of this world and this thing we call life. Come back to us, stronger and wiser beyond your years, remembering that there is nothing to fear. You are no longer our younger sisters and we are no longer seperated by age. Rather, we are friends. We are equals. Please take with you the lessons we have all learned and may you build upon them as you begin this new chapter in life. We heart you.

In short, 'tis the season for sisterhood, love, and of course, Onesies! There is SO MUCH to be thankful for this holiday season that it would take writing a novel to express it all. It has been an incredible year for Warrior Within Designs and we are grateful for everyone who has helped bring us to this extraordinary place as a company. As we continue to grow and expand, we will always remember the simple things that brought us together - the love of fashion and the importance of friendship and sisterhood. It is these ingredients that breathe life into our company everyday, and it is the fuel that maintains our ongoing fire.

- Warrior Within Designs